Shopping Center/Atrium Smoke Management and Ventilation System CFD Simulations

Shopping Mall And Atrium CFD Simulations
For the last 15-20 years, shopping malls are a major place of entertainment, socializing and of course shopping various things for large groups of people. Their numbers and people spending time at these malls are dramatically increased in recent years.

Considering the large number of people spending time at the malls and vast value of products stored in these places, the ventilation and smoke control systems have become an important factor for comfort and safety of the people, products and the (very costly) building itself.

Testing performances of these very high priced smoke clearance and ventilation system is almost a necessity these days. With our shopping mall cfd simulations and atrium cfd simulations, you can clearly notice weak points of the system and take necessary precautions before the implementation stage.

We can provide results of immersive smoke dispersal, temperature distributions, velocity planes at any location, visibilities at any height. All results are time dependent and in video format so that you can literally understand the system’s performance easily without any confusion.

We can model carbon monoxide or smoke detectors according to the original project (you have to provide us these documents before) and run an actual fire scenario to test the performance of the system as close as a real life testing.