Carpark Jet Fan CFD Simulations

Jet Fan CFD 1
Jet fan systems are inarguably standards for smoke control and ventilation for closed car parks. They replaced conventional mechanical ventilation systems for carparks not long ago. They have lots of advantages compared to the conventional systems such as:

  • Allowing smoke control zones and responsive and flexible operation.
  • Minimum height loss and much cleaner look in car park.
  • Absence of expense, installation, maintenance and cleaning of ducts.
  • Without high pressure losses due to ducts, allowing to select fans with low capacity, low power consumption and low price.
  • Without slow installation and workmanship of ducts, much faster installation and commissioning.
  • Electricity and money savings during system’s operation time due to low power consumption of the jet fan system.

List goes on. So at the present time jet fan systems for closed car parks are pretty much standard. But designing a carpark jet fan system (especially with complex geometry) is a tough job because predicting the turbulent movements of air and smoke in a complex geometry is nearly impossible.

This is where CFD simulations step in. With the powerful help of CFD simulation of the jet fan system, it is possible to test the performance of the whole system for both emission ventilation and smoke extract in case of a fire. Results of the simulation uncover the weak points of the system and all the necessary revisions can be made before installation phase.

Our CFD simulations of carpark jet fan systems are all time-dependent and results are in video format which makes it much understandable and dependable. You can easily observe the system’s performance second by second for example in a fire situation. You can see three dimensional smoke spread across the carpark, areas with very low air movement, temperature changes at various heights and visibility for every second of fire development and after the extinction of the fire.

Carpark Jet Fan CFD Smoke Dispersal

Carpark Jet Fan CFD Visibility 1,7m

Carpark Jet Fan CFD Velocity 1,7m

Carpark Jet Fan CFD Temperature 1,7m