Human Comfort Ventilation CFD Simulations

Human Comfort Ventilation
Human comfort is an important aspect in the world of today. Most of us are now working in offices throughout the day and our productivity depends on heavily to indoor conditions.

Thanks to the advanced technology, ventilation and hvac systems can now provide us very comfortable conditions at our office or our home. But buildings are also advancing, they are much more bigger and complicated than ever before. This might lead to an increasing risk of design mistakes or inadequacy.

CFD simulations are a key factor here for making sure that the designed system will work as it was intended.

We can model the environment, details of the hvac system with our little human models and observe every effect of the system on our human model. We can see how much the back of the head heated or cold. We can see velocity effect of the system on our models hands or legs and determine whether the designed system will disturb people or not. Than the design can be reviewed again according to the CFD results.